Some comments about my art:


Figurative, mostly landscapes in a realistic, impressionistic style, usually in oil on canvas, sums up my current work as well as most of what I've done since I was a teenager (over four decades).


A sense of beauty and interest in what is experienced compels expression.


As a body of work, there are a number of different strands of interest in what I do. One may be more traditional, scenic beauty while another finds beauty in more common, everyday experience.


The challenge of expression reflecting experience through some medium, problem solving, varying techniques and strategies, being open at different stages of the process to respond in different ways to new stimuli, keeps it interesting and fun.


Color has been my greatest fascination. The process by which we experience the world may be as fascinating as the objects 'out there.' I paint with an emphasis on light captured by form rather than form revealed by light.


The painting is an ensemble of shapes and colors, of separate stimuli that come together to create the illusion of a contiguous, unified vision. Not to blend brushstrokes together, not to seek endless refinement of visual detail, but to maintain a balance between the image and the integrity of the object as a painting made of brushstrokes, for me, is a meaningful expression, where consciousness itself is, in a way, the subject.


Painting in direct response to immediate experience is my preference. I paint what I see, but with some thought and play.








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